Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Ajra Privacy Policy is a legal statement that reveals how we collect, store or use your personal data whenever you access any of our services such as our websites or applications. This privacy applies to anyone around the world who makes use of Ajra services. We at Happii pvt limited value your privacy above all, we make sure that the data you provide to us and the information we store is well protected. By using our services you are automatically bound to agree to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

User Information
User’s Personal Information:

When you signup or install Ajra application, we collect your information such as your name, email, phone number and password. This data is used to create your account on the Ajra app so that you can initiate your journey with us.When you use our application or website, we receive info

User’s Usage Information:

Information from your end such as your user analytics, your transactions, text messages and calls to Happii drivers. We moreover receive details about your device such as your phone model, your app activity, your address book contacts and your location. All this information is accessible by our third party partners who are responsible for interactions between you and our staff. For safety purposes, we may have complete authority to check and record your texts, calls and interactions with our drivers if required.Ajra Application further monitors your visits to bring forth opportunities depending on your location.

User’s Location Details:

Ajra application may collect your exact location through GPS or internet to locate nearby Happii cabs and notify you. We keep tracks of your visits and destination to grant offers and packages. It is however in your control to opt out of receiving notifications from us.

User’s Payment Details :

All the information regarding your payment methods such as credit/debit card details are stored on our servers. Our assigned partner dealing with payments receive information regarding your methods.

Driver Information
If you are willing to join our Happii driver community and are looking forward to generating income while working with us, we would require more than your basic information.
Inorder to join Ajra, we require

– Your driver license,
– Your CNIC/passport copy,
– Your driving experience
– Past driving history
– Bank details
– Personal information.

We may monitor your interactions with clients such as your texts, calls, location and customer reviews to ensure efficient use of our services and recompense your performance.
As a Happii driver, you are required to abide by our privacy policy and terms and conditions to be eligible for Ajra.